Toddler Playing Drums



As young learners begin to walk and talk regularly, their curiosity drives them to explore the world around them. Our toddler classrooms foster a child's interpersonal independence and interpersonal communication. Offering more than just daycare for toddlers, our programs are designed to develop children’s…



  • Singing or reciting a song or rhyme that contains alliteration;

  • Further developing communication skills by demonstrating an understanding of positional words such as over, under, up and down;

  • Grasping the writing tool using the first or the whole hand and beginning to make more precise lines or scribbles;

  • Describing and finding meaning in what they write. 


  • Demonstrating a growing vocabulary by identifying people, animals, and objects with words;

  • Participating in simple back-and-forth conversational exchanges; 

  • Using teachers or classmates as resources when solving a problem or adopting a new solution and applying it both incorporate creativity and critical-thinking skills;

  • Imitating the way a classmate uses a toy or tool and finding a creative way to use the materials to demonstrate executive function skills.  


  • Reacting and responding appropriately to the wants and needs of teachers and classmates, which are signs of social-emotional intelligence; 

  • Showing facial expressions and responding to favored peers by moving close to them or hugging them;

  • Attempting to accomplish routine tasks independently, which further develops critical-thinking skills;  

  • Separating from their parents without becoming upset and joining an activity with a familiar caregiver.

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs, and age.